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The Fish to Avoid List features as part of the Silver Criteria - We don't serve fish that is on the Marine Conservation Society 'Fish to Avoid' list.

Overfishing has caused one-third of all fishing stocks worldwide to collapse, and scientists are warning that if current trends continue all fish stocks worldwide will collapse within 50 years. Many thousands of dolphins, turtles and albatross are also caught by large drift nets or baited hooks. The Marine Conservation 'Fish to Avoid' list includes Atlantic cod, skate and haddock. To be really sure, you can buy fish certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, which can currently be supplied by Brakes or major supermarkets.

This website can help you identify which fish are from well managed sources and has a search facility whereby you can put in the fish you are thinking of using, and see how sustainable it is.The Marine Stewardship Council now have also have a supplier directory.

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