October's Super Bloggers are.....

Octobers Super Bloggers are.....

The school blogs keep getting busier and better! Well done and thanks to every school who has been blogging this autumn term. We are pleased to announce that October’s Super Bloggers are Faldingworth Community Primary School in Lincolnshire and Ashbridge Independent Infant and Nursery in Lancashire.

Faldingworth Community Primary School has been encouraging students to get blogging themselves, with lots of regular updates from all pupils on cooking lessons, dessert recipes , harvest festival preparations and quizzes.

 “18/10/2012 - Today we had a Macmillan Coffee morning. The Macmillan Coffee morning was all about harvest and healthy fruit and vegetables. Here is what happened...

On Tuesday, two days ago, we planned and made our display. The display had to be about 1970s desserts (because that is our class topic).  Finally we had finished our display. It looked great!!

This morning we had to rush into school, because we were a couple of minutes late! First we set up our fruit and vegetable based stalls. There were loads. There was: a harvest quiz; a harvest wordsearch; and loads more! Secondly we set out all of our home made cakes on the bright green table cloth. At last, it was ready! We opened the doors to the public. And... the Macmillan Coffee morning was a hit! We know this because we raised over £225 for Macmillan Cancer Support!

By Olivia, Y6”
Read Faldingworth’s blog here:

Ashbridge’s blog entries focus on the changing seasons and the creatures that can be a delight, and a pest to gardeners, as well as linking their growing activities to the curriculum really well.

“05/10/2012 - Another busy day using the gardens for education and fun. Owls harvested a range of vegetables such as turnips, beetroot, runner beans and onions to prepare winter soup through the day. Magpies are exploring 'sight' so we looked at colours and ripening and autumn leaves.

Year 1 are measuring in units and with rulers to see how big the raised beds are. Last week they were counting the plants and brought a Report they had made. When it started to rain they measured the greenhouse benches. Year 5 and 6 are learning about Decomposition, so we had a look at progress in the 3 compost bins. Badgers Year 4, are growing potato tubers in pots in the greenhouse in the hope of potatoes to add to Christmas Dinner, if any survive being repeatedly dug up to see if they are growing!”

Read Ashbridge's blog here:

Well done to all of the schools who have been blogging. Keep up the great work and next time you could be Super Bloggers too!

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