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12 December 2012 - Would you like to have a say on the future of the Food for Life Food Quality criteria? Our lead partner, The Soil Association, is consulting on the following three areas of the Food for Life Catering Mark Standards and would like your views.

You may remember us telling you about the changes to our Bronze Food Quality criteria back in September. Our Food Quality criteria aim to be aligned with the Catering Mark standards, and so in the future we will be updating our Silver and Gold criteria to a more flexible points based system. Don’t worry - we will keep you informed of these exciting changes and let you know how this will affect your school nearer the time.
In the meantime, you have the great opportunity to comment on the potential changes to the future criteria. We value your opinion and would like to encourage you to have your say on each of these areas.

1)      Do you think the use of free range eggs should be a requirement to achieve bronze (currently this is a requirement at Silver) *

2)      Wholemeal flour and Real Bread * Would you like to see the removal of the requirement for bread products in freshly prepared dishes to contain 5% wholemeal flour? Do you think that the Catering Mark should offer points at silver and gold for the use of Real Bread?

3)      Cook-freeze or steam-cook meals * This consultation is asking whether or not to broaden out the Catering Mark standards to include meals cooked or stored using these methods. Whilst this might not be directly relevant to your school meal service, this may have an impact on other school meal services near you.

Full details of each of these consultations can be found here: <>

*         The free range eggs and bread consultations are open until 5pm on Tuesday 15th January 2013. Each of them should take only a few minutes to complete.
*         The cook-freeze/steam-cook consultation is open until 5pm on Monday 18th February 2013. It will take around 30 minutes to complete.

Please do make time to have your say on each of these areas, as your views will be taken into account by the Catering Mark Standards Committee when they are considering whether or not to make any changes to the standards.  The best way to do this is by using the surveys which are embedded into the relevant webpages for each of the consultations.

If you would like any further information, please contact Jenny Collins, Standards Project Manager on or 0117 314 5178.


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