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Schools across England are using food as a way to improve their whole school experience - making lunchtimes a positive feature of the day and enriching classroom learning with farm visits and practical cooking and growing.

  • Extract from the Cornish Guardian (November 2013)

    Torpoint Community College, Cornwall


    A Wannabe chef cooked her way to success – with only £5 to spend in a school cooking competition.

    Torpoint Community College students from Years 9, 10 and 11 took part in The Spring Board Future Chef nationwide competition, where they cooked one main meal using only £5 worth of ingredients.

    The winner was Year 9 student Jordan Pilley and the runner up was Joe Smith from Year 11.

    Jordan will go head to head against other students across Cornwall in the local finals, on December 6 at Cornwall College, Redruth, with the chance to compete in regional finals at Axminster River Cottage for a place in the finals in London.

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  • Eastfield Food Fair

    Eastfield Primary School, Leicestershire


    We are inthe planning stages...

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  • HolidayCare

    Ashbridge Independent School & Nursery, Lancashire


    More HolidayCare fun. The weather goes from sunscreen to swimming home, the wind blows the plants around the garden then drops, then it swaps & starts again.

    So we put our wellybobs on & laugh, tidy up & carry on.

    We are still enjoying an astonishing crop of blackcurrants & whitecurrants. The first of the corncobs are being picked & are almost overwhelmingly sweet, unveiled from the stem and bitten fresh, even the cob when small. We are eating lettuce & rocket with everything and there seems to be courgettes everywhere.

    Even though we sowed packet after packet of pumpkin seed, the plants have not survived. We sent all the pea plants to RHS Chelsea the pigeons & slugs ate the later sowings.

    Last year there were sunflowers everywhere but this year we focussed on sweet peas, as there is more picking to be done with them.

    We experiment, we learn, we try again.

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  • Playday and HolidayCare

    Ashbridge Independent School & Nursery, Lancashire


    August 6 is Nationall Payday, celebrating the importance of play. 

    Holiday care is a vital part of the provision of care that we provide at Asbridge School. A high ratio are not pupils, they only join us out of termitime so it is an interesting mix. Many are here with us regularly and recount what they did previous holidays.  This week was 'grow it, cook it, eat it week'

    In the moring we go down to the greenhouse, we check the plants and do the watering.

    We go and pick whatever is ready to be picked each week. It's mostly blackcurrants and soft fruit now so we've been thinking of all the things you can do with blackcurrants. We had black currants in the morning porridge and we have fruits on the snack table. We cooked blackcurrant muffins, blackcurrant biscuits, blackcurrant bread and jam to put on it and of course made blackcurrant hot drinks similar to a famous one. Jamie Oliver sent us a recipe for jam tarts so we tried that which was great.

    The children really responded well to this. They enjoy cooking and they enjoy eating.

    To come into the garden is a choice during holiday care, not a lesson so they can choose to do an indoor activity or they can choose to come to the garden, then choose to cook or not to. After seeing others have a go, most children join in at some point.

    We also taken rosemary cuttings and I have shown them the rooted rosemary cuttings from last holiday care, we then took out the rooted cuttings. Some we have planted around the garden and some we have potted up in plant pots.

    Eggshells. When cooking things we have tried to crack open eggs carefully and we dried them. Then we have put cotton wool in them, wetted with water and then we put cress seeds on top. The children draw a little faces on the eggshells and put them on the windowsill. So we now have a jolly little line of cress heads on the windowsill that the children to take home when they're growing nicely or a lot of them are still there because we enjoy seeing them there.

    Another thing that we do in the morning is to harvest sweet pea flowers and now at school just about everywere there are little vases of sweet peas. The wilted ones go to the compost bin which is teaching sustainability

    Everything smells of sweet peas, cake and blackcurrants. Happy childhood experiences.

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  • Wildlife City!!

    Newland St John's Primary, Kingston Upon Hull


    Myself and Mrs M were busy litter picking, when we came across a hedgehog sleeping in the cleaned out leaf cages. We careful covered him/her back over with leaves and watched to ensure we had not injured him. Sure enough after a couple of minutes he/her came trotting out of the leaves and went on a walkabout! We have given him/her the name of Hector and are in the process of making a home.

    Our resident robin came out for a look around and sat and watched me weeding the lavender beds.

    Earlier in the week, we noticed the fox had made a bed in the pile of things we need to burn, so we will have to be careful before we light the fire.

    We have also seen a great deal of butterflies enjoying our sweetpea plants.

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