What is the Food for Life Partnership?

The Food for Life Partnership uses food as a way to improve the whole school experience – making lunchtimes a positive feature of the day and enriching classroom learning with farm visits and practical cooking and growing.

Schools enrolled on the programme are growing their own food; organising trips to farms; sourcing food from local bakers, butchers and farmers; setting up school farmers’ markets; holding community food events; providing cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families; and serving freshly prepared, locally sourced meals that follow a rigorous Food for Life Catering Mark.

Food for Life Partnership schools are embedding food education into their curriculum, and a focus on ‘pupil voice’ means pupils take ownership and decide their own priorities. The Partnership is about bringing people together – teachers, pupils, families, cooks, caterers, farmers and the wider community – to enjoy good, wholesome food and change food culture in England significantly.


The impact

Three major independent research programmes have shown the impact the partnership is having. They reveal that due to the Food for Life Partnership children are eating more fruit and veg; that the programme helps ‘close the gap’ in health and academic attainment between disadvantaged children and their peers; schools show a significant increase in free school meal uptake which is crucial in encouraging healthy eating habits; and twice as many primary schools received an Outstanding Ofsted rating after working with the programme.

Headteacher Penny Wetton says, "It is the best initiative that we as a school have undertaken in the last 10 years."

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The Food for Life Partnership is a network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture. Together we are revolutionising school meals, reconnecting children and young people with where their food comes from, and inspiring families to grow and cook food.

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