Local Programme Managers

Leon Ballin Local Programme Manager

Leon Ballin

Senior Programme Manager - Calderdale

Email: Lballin@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07917 230 121

Leon has been working with schools, caterers and stakeholders across Calderdale since 2012, collaborating with local and national partners to deliver FFL.
Kate Shaw Senior Local Programme Manager

Kate Shaw

Senior Programme Manager - Nottingham City

Email: Kshaw@soilassociation.org
Phone: 0115 854 7807
Mobile: 07917 671498

Kate is establishing a network of FFL activity with schools, nurseries, caterers and stakeholders in Nottingham City, having previously worked as LPM in Lincolnshire for 3 years. She also supports the national team as Senior Local Programme Manager and advises the wider team on how policy decisions will work in practice in schools.
Polly Frost

Polly Frost

Senior Programme Manager - Devon

Email: Pfrost@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07920 047 303

Polly has been Devon's Local Programme Manager since 2012, supporting schools to achieve their FFL award. The programme has recently been recommissioned by Public Health Devon for a third year.
Liz Davies

Liz Davies

Local Programme Manager - Peterborough

Email: Ldavies@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07809 156 144

Liz is working with schools, caterers and stakeholders across Peterborough, supporting their progress through the award scheme. She also delivers training courses to FFL schools on behalf of Garden Organic .
Katie Todd

Katie Todd

Local Programme Manager - Hull

Email: Ktodd@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07467149174

Katie supports and advises schools and caterers in Hull to help them on their FFL journey.
Chandra Pankhania Local Programme Manager

Chandra Pankhania

Local Programme Manager - Kirklees

Email: Cpankhania@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07500 602 742

Chandra advises schools on how to develop a whole school approach, achieve a FFL award and share learning. She is supporting an Early Years pilot in Kirklees and also delivers Health Education Trust training.
Angela Bebbington

Angela Bebbington

Local Programme Manager - Derbyshire

Email: ABebbington@soilassociation.org
Phone: 07741 310 226

Angela supports and advises Derbyshire schools and caterers to help them on their FFL journey.
Carrie Bewick

Carrie Bewick

Local Programme Manager – Cambridgeshire

Email: cbewick@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07468 691278

Carrie supports and advises Cambridgeshire schools and caterers to help them develop a good food culture and progress through their FFL awards.
Henry Fletcher

Henry Fletcher

Local Programme Manager - Suffolk

Email: hfletcher@soilassociation.org

Henry supports and advises Suffolk schools and caterers to help them develop a good food culture and progress through their FFL awards.
Lisa Didier

Lisa Didier

Local Programme Manager - Leicester City

Email: ldidier@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07718570945

Lisa supports Leicester City schools on their FFL journey.
Martin Harrison

Martin Harrison

Local Programme Manager - Stoke-on-Trent

Email: MHarrison@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07468 693560

Martin supports schools and caterers in Stoke-on-Trent.
Raksha Mistry

Raksha Mistry

Local Programme Manager - Leicestershire

Email: rmistry@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07980 225 154

Raksha manages the delivery and engagement of schools with FFL across Leicestershire.
Bret Willers

Bret Willers

Local Programme Manager - Warwickshire

Email: BWillers@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07786 994442

Bret supports and advises Warwickshire schools and caterers to help them develop a good food culture and progress through their FFL awards.
Valerie Meehan

Valerie Meehan

Local Programme Officer – Warwickshire

Email: VMeehan@soilassociation.org
Mobile: 07736 888 462

Valerie supports Bret, working with schools in Warwickshire to transform their food culture.

45% of parents report eating more fruit & vegetables as a result of our programme.