Enrol your school for the Food for Life Schools Award Programme (Step 1 of 7)

Schools have told us how joining Food for Life has increased school meal take up, attendance, increased confidence of staff and enriched their school curriculum. It could also help your school meet Ofsted criteria.

To join us, simply select one of our two support packages:

Membership Package: Just starting out? Become a member of our Food for Life community, get a taste of the expert resources we can offer and find out what’s involved in achieving one of our awards before you upgrade to our Awards Package and apply.

Awards Package: Show the wider world that you’re doing fantastic work with your school food and food education, our Awards Package gives you all the support and resources you need to apply for and achieve your Food for Life award.

For full details on each package and pricing, please click here.

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Is our catering external with the Food for Life Catering Mark? (Awards package with Catering Mark)
If your local authority or a private catering company manage your kitchen or deliver hot meals to you, your catering is external. Your caterers must have the Food for Life Catering Mark for you to complete your award. If this is you, select 'Awards Package with Catering Mark' from the drop down list.

Is our catering in house? (Awards Package with in-house catering)
If you self-manage your catering service, employ your own team, create your own menus, and manage the ordering process, your catering is in-house. Select 'Awards Package with in-house catering' from the drop down list.

Still not sure?
Ask your administrator / business manager or give one of our team a call on 0117 314 5180.


To complete your enrolment you will need certain information ready to hand. You may wish to gather some of information in advance, so we have put together this printable checklist to help.

* Denotes required information

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If your school has been informed by Food for Life that you are eligible to receive a free Membership (worth £55) or Awards Pack (worth £780), please use the drop down box below to select your pack and continue your enrolment. You may be asked for invoice information, but do not worry, you won't be charged.

If you are interested in how to access free FFL Packs, please get in touch with Liz for more information.

* Denotes required information

You may have entered some information incorrectly. Please check that all fields have been completed correctly and if you are still unable to register please contact our team on 0117 314 5180.
Please select the Food for Life Schools package you would like to enrol on


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Do you know your URN or Ofsted number?

You will need to know your unique school URN (Unique Reference Number, also known as an Ofsted number) before completing this form. 

URN's are always 6 digits long. These numbers are not the same as your LA and Establishment Number

If you don't know your URN, or want to check it's correct you can find it here.

If you can't find your URN, please get in touch and we can help. 

Entering the wrong URN could result in your school paying for an incorrect package.