Whole School Approach

We have some great resources and tools to help ensure that everyone who’s part of the school community can get involved in the Food for Life Partnership. 

You’ll develop your own school food policy based around the Food for Life criteria, focussed on working towards one of our awards.  Pupils, teachers, cooks, caterers, parents, governors - all can have a role to play.

We encourage you to set up an ‘school nutrition action group’, or link up with your school council, to bring together all the different groups and give everyone a say. Tips and guidance on how to do this can be found in our SNAG FAQ's resource.  By creating a food policy for your school, you’re well on your way to achieving an award!

Involving pupils in the programme develops a whole range of skills and experiences – attending meetings, putting across opinions, action planning, coordinating with other groups from the school community – all of these are valuable life lessons that they will take with them.

The most successful Food for Life Partnership schools are those that really embrace this ‘Whole School Approach’ and work together to achieve real change.

"Change can only happen if everyone involved is really engaged."

Good School Food

School Meals

A vital service which can positively impact on both education and health.


Providing essential skills for making good food choices.

Food Growing

Inspiring pupils to eat fresh, healthy food.

Farm links

Reconnecting with where food comes from.

Cooks & Caterers

The front line in school meal quality.

Pupil & Parent Voice

Paving a route to success by involving your most important ‘customers’.