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  • Getting into the swing...


    Food for life is really starting to take off now in our school.  Having had our first SNAG meeting last Friday, there are now lots of plans in the pipeline.

    Existing achievements are as follows:

    - We are already growing our own crops, year round, in raised beds

    - Our food supplier has met the criteria needed for FFL

    - We have 3 ex-battery hens who are feathering up nicely!

    - We have posh new tables and chairs in our dining hall

    - We have lovely new plates and bowls in our dining hall

    - We run a cookery club in our swanky new kitchen (using our hen's eggs)

    We have lots of future plans.

    - We are planning an open day for parents to eat dinner with their children, do some gardening and talk about healthy lunches in our kitchen

    - Year 3 are planning a farm visit

    - We hope to visit another FFL school for inspiration for our dining experience

    And, as I write, a 20 foot long polytunnel is being erected on our school field!

    Exciting times, I'm sure you'll agree.

The Food for Life Partnership is a network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture. Together we are revolutionising school meals, reconnecting children and young people with where their food comes from, and inspiring families to grow and cook food.

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