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  • Free hot meals for Reception children


    We are delighted to announce that Tesco Charity Trust have very generously agreed to fund a five week project in which we will provide all of our current reception children with a free hot school meal every day. This project will begin next week. So far we have received very positive feedback from parents, many of whom would like their children to benefit from hot school meals but may not otherwise be able to afford it. We hope that this exciting opportunity will benefit the childrens' health and well being as well as giving them the chance to try different foods and learn about where their food comes from. More to follow.....

  • Pea soup


    Today Cookery Club made pea and mint soup. Although they thought it didn't sound or look nice, the children were pleasantly surprised and everyone tried it (including Miss Thompson and Miss Coates who had some for their tea!) The children have learned that it is always important to try new types of food even if they think they won't like them because you just never know!

  • Change for Life club


    Today Mr Toothill launched his first Change For Life lunchtime club. Children from KS1 & KS2 had lunch with Mr Toothill in the dining hall. Today they ate packed lunches but sometimes they will be having hot school meals. The children discussed their lunches and what makes a healthy meal. They  thought about ideas for healthy snacks and that it is ok to have treats sometimes, but it is best if they are occasional and part of a balanced diet. Mr Toothill also taught the children about which foods we need to give us energy for exercise and learning. Next week the plan is to do some active games outside before eating lunch, as we know it is important to exercise as well as eating healthily. 

  • New reception children


    Today fourteen of our new reception children enjoyed their very first hot school meal in their newly decorated Early Years Dining Hall. They have their own dining space where they can sit with their friends and enjoy their lunch together. We have had very positive feedback from children and parents who are pleased that children having hot meals can sit with their classmates who are eating packed lunches.  

  • Life cycles


    Year 5 & 6 have been learning about lifecycles this term and are monitoring the germination process of seeds. They have planted sweetcorn, radishes, beetroot, tomatoes and cress. When the plants have developed they will be given to Ground Force to plant in the quad garden.

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