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  • Finished for the Winter!


    This was the last week of our Gardening Club this year. We will start up again after the half term in February next year.

    We finished off by doing the FFL Fruit and Veg games - naming all fruit and veg and then putting them into the right families. Once we had done this we started to look at all the veg that we'd like to grow next year and started to create a planting plan. Wwe also talked about other projects we would like to be involved in next year and decided to try a mini pond, bug hotel, runner bean giant wigwam and a sunflower circle!

    Well done to Alex and Angela who took home Alfie and Charlie this week. They both contributed alot to the quizzes and showed their knowledge of fruit and veg!

    We will all meet up again on Wednesday 20th November to grind the wheat we grew in the garden last year and make bread from it, and then ofcourse we have the Christmas Fair. This year on our stall we will be selling the school's cook book. This was collated over the last few months with recipes put forward by the children and voted in by the children. In total we have 55 recipes.

    Until February!

  • What we did today ...


        Sown Green Manure seeds in the raised bed, in the Contemplation Garden, to over winter


        Weeded the fruit bed, border to the playground and beds in the Contemplation Garden and raked up all the leaves


        Planted some winter pansy into the Herb Containers


        Pulled out the summer bedding in the flower border at the back of the school and replaced with pansies


        Re planted the school’s hanging baskets and pots with winter bedding

  • What we've done this week ...


    Yesterday evening the After School G Club planted out over 100 bulbs outside the school, continuting on from our planting last year at the Bring a Bulb Day. We have now nearly filled the border to the front of our school, from the playground, past the school and down to the village park! It should look even more spectacular next Spring.

    At the lunchtime club we split into our 2 groups; the fruit group and the vegetable group. The veggies dug over the whole of the Key Hole raised bed, took out the old bean plants, old raddishes (the size of beetroot) and the base of the corn crop. Once dug over they planted out some 'Green Manure' - white mustard, to over winter. In the Spring we will dig it all into the soil and this will replace the nitrogen in the soil from the crops grown this year.

    We also planted out some winter salad - lettuce, pea shoots, mixed leaves - these are in our mini poly tunnel to give them a head start over the half term hols.

    The fruits cleared out the greenhouse, harvesting the remainder of the tomatoes. All the compost from the gro bags was distributed over the raised beds in the Contemplation Garden.

    We also potted up some Broad Beans to grow on in the greenhouse. Next week we will sow some BB seeds directly into the soil, cloche over and see which ones grow quickest and best.

    We now have 2 new recruits to our team ... Charlie Carrot and Alfie Aubergine from the Goodness Gang. They will be awarded each week to the top 2 star gardeners based on behaviour, attitude and contribution.

    This week Billy took Charlie home - see photo and Ella Maione took Alfie home - see photo. Well done you two!!

  • What a wash out!


    Today was so wet it wasn't worth us being in the garden. All the tasks we had lined up to do were messy jobs, and in this weatehr would have ended up as very muddy jobs!!

    Yesterday at the After School Gardening Club we harvested our marrows for the FArm Kitchen to use for our meals this week. We picked 6 in total all measuring over 15 inches!!

    We also made our own organic bug spray and sprayed the broccoli and cabbages planted last week. Then we netted over both beds to try and keep the pest out ... it already looked like a rabbit or squirrel had dug up one of the cabbages!!!

    Some of the year 3's made a list of jobs that need doing in the garden before half term sot hat will give us plenty to do over the next 2 weeks.

    Let's hope for better weather next week.

  • Gardening Club Starts Up!


    Finally after many weeks of beautiful summer holidays not only are we back into the swing of the school day, but also restarting our After School and Lunchtime Gardening Clubs.

    This week we had 7 new starters for the After School Club from Yr 4. These are our  Yr 3 Gardeners from last year and we now have 'pupil helpers' from Yr 5 who have been in the club since they were in Yr 3! It's an excellent arrangement, giving them something to work towards and extra responsibility.

    This week we harvested the corn to dry out and this will be milled in a few weeks time and made into bread inconjuction with the Cookery Club. We also planted some Hyacinth bulbs, enough to sell some at the Christmas Fair and some to take home and grow on. Next week we need to get down to the business of harvesting the last of the tomatoes, marrows, beans and carrots and dig over all the beds adding in manure (donated from a local parent) in preparation for the winter.

    At the lunchtime club yesterday we had 24 new starters from Yr 3! We have also increased our parent helper group to 6 so that we take it in turns and have 4 helpers each week, added to that 2 pupil helpers, so we are well covered.

    The plan is to split this group into 2 x 12 and work in the different gardens - 1 group in the Keyhole Garden and the other in the Contemplation Garden with the greenhouse. These groups will alternate between gardens each week.

    This week we ran the week 1 Quiz that covers all aspects of the garden, tools, plants/crops growing and involves the children photographing different things to support their answers. Next week we will award the team with the most correct answers and also the individuals for the best photos (these will be nominated by the children). We are also introducing the Goodness Gang characters as reward for good behaviour and most contribution. The 2 winners will get to keep the character for the week, returning them to be given out the following week. We felt we needed some incentive for co-operation and behaviour as it's such a big group.

    We have also agreed with the childre3n some ground rules based on respect and good behaviour. These are as follows:


    ·         First and foremost we have fun and learn all about gardening!

    ·         We are not in the classroom so weu can chat amongst ourselves, show eachother and the helpers what we have found, BUT when the helpers talking, we are respectful, we stop talking and listen

    ·         As we are such a big group the helpers will raise one arm to get our attention and then we gather round and listen to what’s being said

    ·         If we decide we don’t want to come to the club, that’s fine, but if we miss 3 meetings in a term we will not be able to continue.

    ·         We must have our overshirt with you each week as we get very messy! If we don’t have it we can’t take part. However, overshirts can be left at school in a named bag and returned at the end of each half term.

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