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  • Yes We have finally won it. The Gold award.


    Over the past couople of years we have been working hard to earn this gold award. When it first started we had three veg trugs and we have now got thirty trugs and in each of them there are different fruit for example strawberries and the veg includes cabbage, curly kale, leeks,carrots etc. All of these veg we eat at least once a week which everytime we have the veg they taste really great and even when we have visitors they also enjoy the veg as well. We also have organic meat from our local farm which is very tender and tastes really delicous. We are very proud to have earned this gold award thanks to Gail and all of her hard work and the school`s hard work from over the past two and a half years.


  • Super Crop - Super Bloggers


    Hi, well we ave had some great results with this terms growing, having had a sensible ratio of sun and rain -  we have had a bumper crop of radishes and spinach! Some of the radishes were the size of plums - very sweet and peppery. They were used in the Home Living Areas and the school kitchen in salads and roasted with the roast dinner. The spinach was also used in salads and in a curry - lovely!!

    We have also been nominated on the FFLP website as Super Bloggers! Photos of our bumper crop have been sent to FFL and will hopefully be seen on the website.

    We are also hoping to plan visits to a local farmers market and go back to the farm, where we adopted a lamb (Star) last year. We will be checking up on her progress!

    We hope the weather will be kind to us leading up to the summer holidays, so we can continue producing bumper crops.

    Speak soon,

    Gail and Tracy

  • New season - new planting


    Well the winter has had such an effect on our crops this year. The plants have really suffered from the relentless snow, ice and rain.

    However we have been harvesting the crops that have survived - parsnips, beetroot, carrots, onions, kale and cabbage.

    Now the weather is on the turn we have been concentrating on clearing trugs, fertilising and re planting. Re planting potatoes in frozen soil is quite difficult but got done –slowly!

    We now have some new crops coming through we have carrots, parsnips, cabbage, radishes, beetroot, spinach and lettuce all doing their thing.

    The fruit bushes are nicely established now and have the start of bearing fruit as have the strawberry bushes which are looking a lot healthier since having a tidy up and feeding with chicken poo!

    At the end of last term, all the students were given two packets of seeds to grow at home. We are waiting for some photographic feedback from those.

    All the students have been encouraged to participating in the Food for Life programme, both during the school day and after school and are encouraged to discover more about the foods we grow and to think of different ways to use them in recipes. Hopefully eventually producing a cook book in the future.

    We have also been researching local Farmers markets to see what other produce are available, not just vegetables, but meats, breads, cakes, cheeses and even wine! with a view to visiting.

    We are now looking forward to some warmer weather and some outstanding produce!

    Tracy and Ryan

  • End of term news


    Hi all,

    Well weve got to the end of term with some successes and some not so!

    Our poor crops have suffered from the varying weather conditions and have been both scorched and waterlogged! Some of the successes have been the beetroot, onions, salad onions, carrots, chard, spinach, parsnips, lettuces, peas and strawberries.Unfortunately the cabbages were munched on by caterpillars so we are hoping to get better results at the end of this season as we are going to try again and protect the plants a bit better. The harvested vegetables have been a lovely addition to the school menus, both in the main kitchen and the Home Living Areas. You can certainly taste the difference between fresh and shop bought produce!

    We have been working out what fruits and vegetable best suit our growing conditions to make the next round of planting even more successful so watch this space to see how things go.

    We have also potted up some of the strawberry seedlings for the Day students to take home so they can continue what we have been doing here in school.

    Will catch up after the holidays and let you know how things are going with the new round of planting.

    From Oliver and Tracy

  • Summer holidays are nearly here!


    Hi all, this is the last blog before the Summer holidays.

    Well, we have had a varied range of salads, fruit and vegetables harvested, cooked (if necessary) and eaten.

    We have sampled peas, carrots, garlic,onions,strawberries, lettuce,spinach and potatoes. They have been cooked both in the main school kitchen and in each individual Home Living Area.

    We will be having a break for the summer holidays but the trugs will be taken care of by Gail who co ordinates the Food for Life timetable and planning.

    When we return in September, our plans are to continue to nurture the cabbage (autumn,winter and spring) kurly kale,broccoli,onions,turnips,parsnips,swede,salad onions,leeks and cauliflowers.

    we are also continuing to grow aubergines, melons,chard, carrots beetroot, lettuce, peppers and sprouts.

    Unfortunately 13 of the 15 raspberry plants were victims of the weather as were a lot of the strawberries but the blueberries,blackcurrents and goosberrys are all waiting for the sun to bring them along!

    Our final job before we break up will be to harvest the remaining potatoes and carrots and transplant the artichokes (which have grown to an enormous size) into seperate growing areas.

    Hope everyone has a lovely (sunny!) summer.


    Alex, Gail & Tracy

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