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  • Year 2 Gardening club June update


    Isabelle, Ruby, Rosa, Jack, Oliver & Amber went out into the garden in the lovely summer sunshine to plant out the pumpkins. These pumpkins had been planted from seed by their friends in 2B at the end of April.  First they weeded the bed that had green manure in.  They turned over the soil and removed some large weeds.  Then they dug deep holes for each pumpkin plant.  They took turns to water in the plants and lots of other beds too.  They also had time to weed the broccoli bed. Tanya had used the purple sprouting brocolli for the children's school dinners.

    Joshua, Chloe, Louis, Alannah, Alisha, Charlie & Emile planted cucumber, basil and courgette seeds and helped with lots of weeding.  The onion bed was absolutely full of weeds and the children worked hard to remove all the weeds but not disburb the onions that are growing well.  They also helped to weed the potato bed which was even more of a challenge working out what was a potato growing and what was a weed!

    Maya, Samuel, Darcey, Callie, Freya & Coby worked very hard in the garden in the drizzly rain.  They dug over one of the raised beds and planted our second crop of mangetout.  The first crop is almost ready for harvesting and we are hoping this crop grows well too.  They also weeded the big bed at the end of the garden.

    Chloe, Hams, Andrew, Sammy, Zac & Joseph worked hard removing the last of the spinach.  This was hard work with lots of deep weeds to dig out and at one point Sammy got into the bed to pull them out!  The children then added a couple of wheebarrows of compost from Big Hanna to enrich the soil.  They also had time to help to water the garden with the big hose which they all really enjoyed, making sure not to spray it over each other this time.

  • Year 2 Gardening club May update


    Maya, Eva, Poppy, Joseph, Emile & Max went out in the lovely May sunshine to plant the dwarf Franch Beans in pots for the greenhouse and also two rows in the raised bed.  The cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage that we had planted back in March has been eaten by snails in the greenhouse so the children also planted another lot of these seeds which we have put in pots in silver trays donated to us from the kitchen which we are hoping the snails will not climb into this time.

    Eva-Maye, Chloe, Olivia, Joe, Yasmin & Leon had a fun time in the windy weather planting out the leeks.  First they flattened the earth with an elegant boot dance and then made 10cm holes with bamboo canes, 15cm apart.  Next they trimmed the roots of the leeks and then carefully inserted the leeks into the prepared holes using a lolly stick to help push the roots down.  The leeks looked like soldiers standing to attention.

    Max, Jacob, Saran, Andrea, Lili & Anna planted out the spinach and beetroot taking great care as the seedlings had to be delicately teased apart and planted making sure the roots were not broken  They had great fun watering the plants and at times each other with our new garden hose!

    Ocee, Arif, Byron, Lena, Otto & Harley helped to plant out the tomatoes in the superbly decorated pots provided by Forest School.  After filling each pot with large stones for drainage, they added compost from big Hanna along with some organic compost and put two tomatoes in each pot.  We positioned the pots by the railings and then gave each pot lots of water.  The children also had time to help with some weeding and watering of the garden.

  • Year 2 Gardening club April update


    Bethany, Megan, Oceana, Ellen, Lily & Aiden enjoyed getting out in the lovely spring sunshine for the first gardening club of the summer term.  They planted radish and spring onions and weeded lots of the beds.

    William, Eve, Sam, Boshan, Wiktor & Charlie were busy today planting another two rows of peas and also beetroot and spinach in pots to be kept in the greenhouse.

    2B have also been helping with the planting and made pots from newspaper and planted 20 sweetcorn seeds and 10 pumpkin seeds which we are keeping in the classroom to start with so we can keep an eye on them as they grow.

  • Year 2 Gardening club March update


    Josh, Jacob, Sammy, William, Andrew & Anna harvested the last of the leeks and took them to Tanya, our School Cook, along with some radishes from the greenhouse.  They also planted the first row of peas.

    Aiden, Megan, Lily, Oceana, Eva-Maye & Isabelle had fun in the lovely spring sunshine weeding and filling up one of the raised beds with compost from Big Hanna and also planting mangetout.  They planted tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli seeds too for the greenhouse.

    Olive, Nikola, Tim, Oli, Silvie & Amina went out in the drizzly rain and heavy wind to plant out potatoes.  They have been 'chitting' on the windowsill of the classroom for about 6 weeks and were ready to plant in the beds.  The children weeded the bed and dug deep holes for each potato.  They also planted courgette seeds in trays.

    Alfie, Lili, Aimee, Alisha, Matthew & Zac helped to plant two rows of carrots and parsnips.  We decided to cover the bed with our new cloche, hoping that this will give the seeds a good start and protect them from the cold and windy weather.


  • Year 2 Gardening Club February update


    Chloe, Hams, Saran, Lili, Daniel & Alfie had the fun job of finishing digging over the new bed that their classmates in 2B had started last month.  They planted 2 strawberry plants each in the new bed and also helped with weeding a few of the other raised beds.

    Joshua, Jack, Amber, Leon, Oliver & Rosa planted pepper seeds and lettuce seeds to be kept in our greenhouse.  They used compost from our composter Big Hanna.  They also helped with the weeding.

    Poppy, Felix, Fadel, Ellery, Sienna & Blake helped to plant cauliflower and leek seeds which we are keeping in the greenhouse to start with and also cucumber seeds which we have decided to keep inside in the Art Room where it is a little warmer.  They also harvested the leeks that we had planted at gardening club last year.  The Reception children used the leeks in the vegetable stew they made in their cooking lesson. 

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