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  • Erin's last blog


    My SNAG time at Takeley Primary School. It seems a long time ago, October 2011, when I wrote my first blog about Apple Day. So much as happened over the years. Some of my memories of being part of the SNAG Team: 

    Getting our Silver Food for Life award

    A wedding breakfast to celebrate Kate and Will's wedding

    The whole school BBQ

    Serving breakfast at the farmer’s market kitchen

    Apple day

    Pass it on day with other local schools

    All the farm visits

    Liz Davies, from Garden Organic, giving a workshop to local allotment holders

    School dinners competitions

    Reggie's Garden

    Selling our produce

    Theme dinners

    Our "Gold" validation visit presentation


    Finally going up to London with Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Line and Mrs Dann to get our Gold Award on December 7th, 2011 at the awards ceremony.

    I wish all the future Snaglets at Takeley Primary School good luck- keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your Blogs. For the last time.

    Erin Langer Year 6 Snaglett

    (A note from Mrs Griffiths: Erin has been the hardest working SNAGlet we have been fortunate to have at the school. She helped at all our events and gave up lots of her own time to help pot up plants or sell our produce or make posters advertising our events. She even wrote most of her blogs at home and emailed them to me. I'm sure she will be an asset to her Secondary School and we wish her well in all she does. It goes without saying that we're going to miss her greatly. )

  • Tomato Plants


    This Term at Takeley Primary School, Gardening Club members grew an enormous amount of Organic Tomato plants and gave every child who attends the school a plant to take home and grow.

    We had some left over so we potted them up and sold them at the beginning and the end of school and raised £42. We sold them for 50p small and £1 the large ones. I’m looking forward to tasting my fresh home grown tomatoes!

    Also we held our half- termly SNAG meeting which we discussed lots of new ideas. We’re getting excited about Tomato Day next week.


    By Erin Langer

     Yr6 SNAGlet



  • New School- New SNAGlets


    This is our first blog from the new school! A lot has been going on and we have recruited some new SNAGlets. We had our first meeting this school year and we talked about the new school menu and the special bonfire dinner. Read on to find out more!!

    Last half-term, Ian Nutt came to visit us in our new school. He had a chance to see our great new cookery room, with tables like the ones on the Cooking Bus. Some children were making soup and bread rolls when he was here. He also got to see our shiny new kitchen where all of our Gold School Dinners are made.

    We have now recruited our local farmer- Farmer James- into our SNAG group alongside Freddie Vanner, Ben Reed, Bethany Smith and Hannah Ramsden. This time we decided to get children who wanted to be in SNAG to apply for the position. We asked them if they would be able to help at events on weekends and in the evening and if they would be able to give ideas in meetings.

    During the half term we held a Get Your Grownups Growing day. The sun was out and it was beautiful weather to be outside. We had a great turnout and lots of the new SNAGlets came along. Children turned up with their parents (and other adults) to plant some plug-plants that we won from Rocket Gardens. We planted them in our new raised beds in the playground. They are going to be netted so they will be left alone to grow. We planted lots of cabbages, kale, spinach, lettuce, brussels sprouts and many more.  David brought some broad bean seeds so we put them in another bed, along with some garlic and onion sets. Fingers crossed that we’ll have some lovely organically grown vegetables to use in our cookery lessons and school dinners over the Winter and in the Spring.

    We have started the new school menu and have tried some new things like the full English breakfast. All the new dinners sound delicious. Unfortunately, our Bonfire Night dinner had to be postponed because the cookers weren’t working. When we did have it, on Thursday, we enjoyed it.

    We have now moved our SNAG meetings to Fridays and our next one is on the 14th December.

    By Leah Keith and Erin Langer- Yr6 SNAGlets

  • Growing, growing, gone


    This week at Takeley primary School, the Gardening club have been given a special gift from Mr Walls. He gave us some some gardening equipment and seeds. We have potted up some of the seeds which were peppers.

    Next week, we are hoping to sell the tomato plants that we grew from seed. The weather hasn't been very good and they're not as large as we wanted. But hopefully they will be growing, growing, gone! 

    Yr 3/4 G went down to Reggie's Garden to weed and earth up their potatoes. Ben won the Wellie trophy for his effort and good behaviour.

    Also, we had a large number of children having school dinners this week.

    By Erin Langer Y5 Snaglet

  • Sale time!


    This week at Takeley Primary School On Wednesday we had a very busy day including :Gardening club, summer buffet and selling tomato plants! Gardening club were getting ready for their big sale of tomato plants. We made four posters to advertise are event. This happened after school at home time. We sold loads. We raised £21

    Overall,  nearly every person at the school had the summer buffet lunch which was a baguette with a choice of filling which was Bacon, Sausage, ham, Cheese or tuna and sweetcorn choice of salad followed by strawberry's and ice cream or a strawberry top hat biscuit and a drink.

    By Erin Langer - YR 5 SNAGlet

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