How We Work

The Food for Life Partnership has a number of core elements which our evaluation has shown to be key to the success of the programme. These form the basis of a commissioned programme and are both scaleable and flexible to meet your needs at a local level.

These core elements are:

A dedicated Local Programme Manager – full or part-time member/s of staff dedicated to providing expert support and guidance in your area. As well as supporting schools and wider settings, they work closely with you to ensure the programme is meeting your needs. 

Teacher training – our expert trainers deliver workshops designed to achieve real change, directly linked to our Food for Life Partnership criteria and awards.  This may include subjects such as cooking and growing skills, cooks training, school food policy, setting up farm visits and many others. Training requirements are developed in conjunction with local need and supported by your Local Programme Manager.

Support for schools – schools are also able to access central support, including enrolment packs, a wide-range of supporting online resources and a personalised online 'portal' which supports local networking and allows them to blog about their achievements. They will also be able to access a telephone support service and attend local award ceremonies to celebrate their achievements.

Measuring impact – we will work closely with you to understand your key performance indicators and how we can best measure these through evaluation. You’ll also receive a regular written progress report from your Local Programme Manager so you can monitor overall performance.

There’s much more we can offer, so get in touch with one of our Commissioning Managers to discuss your options. 

45% of parents report eating more fruit & vegetables as a result of our programme