Diversity and Inclusion: Black Lives Matter

The Food for Life and Food for Life Get Togethers teams wish to both express our solidarity with the anti-racist movement, and to hasten the time when the food, farming and environmental sector better reflects and speaks up for the diverse society in which we live. 

The murder of George Floyd has been a further wake-up call to many, including us. We recognise that there is more we can do to address systemic racism and we are reflecting on how our work might unconsciously reinforce systems that privilege some ethnic groups over others.   

Moving forward in the coming year and beyond, we are committed to developing our work and to being as inclusive as possible. We will: 
  • Strive to actively seek out different voices and feedback from our stakeholders (including Experts by Experience) to ensure that we learn from and understand diverse perspectives, in order to better serve our communities.
  • Regularly review our diversity and inclusion engagement information and be proactive in identifying where we need to do better.  
  • As a team, engage with learning and training internally to make sure that we all learn and grow personally and professionally. 
At a programme level, Food for Life’s work – creating healthy food cultures in school, nurseries and the communities and places around them – has at its core the need to address inequalities in access to good food. Our approach seeks to ensure that children and families from all backgrounds are well nourished and well informed, enabling a generation of citizens where every voice counts. 

And with Food for Life Get Togethers, bringing people from different generations or backgrounds together around good food is at the heart of what we do. We believe that working together not only strengthens communities but also creates a space for people to flourish and grow. 

See the full Soil Association statement here.

Commission Our Work

"Parents and children are becoming more aware of health and animal welfare issues. The Catering Mark reassures them that these are being taken care of."Margaret Gilmour (Catering Manager - Stirling Council)