Food for Life Served Here

A Food for Life Served Here award in a school means your child is eating fresh, local and honest food.

If you see a Food for Life Served Here logo you know that the majority of food on the menu will be freshly prepared, it will always be free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners and additives, be cooked by trained chefs, and use ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources.

If the award is Silver or Gold then you can expect more ethical, environmentally friendly and local ingredients, and steps to make healthy eating easier.

Although the scheme started in schools (and over 10,000 of them serve food to our standards), you will now also find Food for Life Served Here meals in hospitals, care homes, universities and colleges, and in a growing number of workplaces and visitor attractions. In fact, 1.7 million Food for Life Served Here meals are served each day all around the UK.

Why is holding a Food for Life award so important?
Since the dark days of 2005, and Jamie Oliver’s exposure of just how bad some school meals were, schools have been required by law to provide food that meets the School Food Standards. The Soil Association’s Food for Life team is working with school meal providers to make sure these standards are being met. The Food for Life Served Here logo provides independent verification that school meals are meeting these standards.

Look for the logo and help us spread the word
Where you see the logo, ask about how the food is cooked and where it’s from. Where you don’t see the logo, send them to our website to find out how they can get involved.

Search our online map and discover if your child’s school holds a Food for Life award here.

If you are a food provider, to find out how you can apply, please contact one of the Food for Life Served Here Regional Co-ordinators.

"We're seeing an increasing requirement for bronze, silver and gold menus and it's clear that this is something of real importance to schools."Mark Davies (ISS Education)

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