Focus on Food

Focus on Food is a charitable food education programme that champions cooking as an essential ingredient for healthy, happy lifestyles.  They support the whole school approach to food, offering cooking resources, training and support for schools and head teachers. This includes their free COOK SCHOOL online database of recipes and resources, and Skills Snippets to make the teaching of cooking skills easier for teachers and other cooking leaders.

In addition to its involvement in Food for Life, Focus on Food offers teaching, training and support to individuals and community groups across the UK, enabling them to benefit from hands-on, practical cooking sessions.

After 15 years of campaigning for cooking in the curriculum, they strongly support government plans to make cooking compulsory in England for all pupils up to the age of 14 from September 2014 and are here to guide schools and teachers through the changes.

Focus on Food is all about:

  • Overcoming health inequalities – by teaching people the skills they need to make healthy food choices
  • Ensuring every child learns to cook – by supporting the plans to bring back cooking into the school curriculum
  • Supporting food teachers – by giving them the skills, confidence and resources they need to teach
  • Training cooking champions – by creating a skills network so we can leave a long term legacy wherever we visit
  • Inspiring careers in cooking – with programmes such as Chefs of the Future and apprenticeships through our Cooking School. 
Visit the Focus on Food website for free resources, news and information about upcoming events.

"Being able to cook is at the very heart of a healthy, happy life, but many people are missing out on learning this essential skill."Jane Sixsmith (Head of Cooking Skills - Food for Life)

Focus on Food

Focus on Food raise the profile and importance of food education and help secure, sustain and strengthen the status of food in primary and secondary schools nationally, and the wider community.