Health Education Trust

Health Education Trust (HET) is a UK registered charity dedicated to the whole school approach and putting children and young people at the heart of decision making in schools.  HET is operated by independent professionals with expertise in health education, education, public health nutrition and dietetics.  They deliver practical, accurate and realistic advice and solutions on topical food, health and education issues.

The concept of School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) was pioneered by HET and brings together senior leadership, pupils, catering staff, governors and the school community to steer forward food and health issues.  HET have developed resources, activities and guidance on running successful SNAGs.

HET strives to provide common sense approaches to government policies, allowing consumers free access to easy, simple solutions to achieve a healthy diet. Their news, research updates and resources pages provide reliable, practical information and HET is internationally recognised and used as a credible resource.

For more information on the Health Education Trust, visit their website.

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Health Education Trust

A registered charity, formed in November 1993 to promote the development of health education for young people in the UK, the Health Education Trust is dedicated to initiating and supporting work with children and teenagers, young adults, students, and pupils to encourage the growth of healthy lifestyles.