Soil Association

The Soil Association is a membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. It provides solutions that help people to live, eat, farm and grow with the resources that are available. The Soil Association wants to make sure everyone has access to food that is healthy for them and good for the environment.

Their role as lead partner in the Food for Life Partnership shows that it is possible to transform our approach to food. By working with schools and local communities we are reconnecting them with where food comes from and how it can be grown and produced sustainably.

With the aim to ensure ‘Good Food for All’, Soil Association are working on many exciting projects – the Sustainable Food Cities network is bringing vested interests together within towns and cities to improve their local food systems; their Hospital Food Leaders Network brings together hospitals which are actively working to improve their food; with Community Supported Agriculture they are building partnerships between farmers and local communities, providing mutual benefits and reconnecting people to the land where their food is grown.

Through their not-for-profit business, Soil Association Certification, they inspect and award certification to farms and businesses that meet organic standards – around 70% of the UK organic food sector. Soil Association Certification also administers the Food for Life Catering Mark. This is the flagship scheme for caterers which provides an independent endorsement of food that is healthy, freshly prepared and sustainably sourced.

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"Reports from our schools show that good food for everyone, especially the most deprived, can be a right and not a privilege."Libby Grundy (Director - Food for Life)

Soil Association

The Soil Association promotes planet friendly food and farming through education, campaigns and community programmes.