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Helping your business prepare for Brexit

Brexit has caused much uncertainty for caterers and their suppliers. In the event of a no-deal scenario, there are a number of things you need to know. As the UK’s leading food and farming charity we are here to reassure and support catering businesses ahead of the UK leaving the EU on 31st October.

This Brexit Hub contains lots of free information, checklists for your business and webinars to help you prepare for Brexit.

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Need to know
Our guidance relates to cost sector caterers whether contracted or in-house
  • Nutritional standards will remain in place and unchanged where these exist, for instance the School Food Standards. 
  • Allergen labelling and information requirements will remain unchanged.
  • In education settings where an individual meets the criteria for free meals, the meal must continue to be provided free of charge.
  • Further information is available with regards to Organic produce in the event of a no deal here. Certain labelling requirements for Organic food and drink will be changing.
  • Food for Life Served Here standards remain in place. If you are having difficulty maintaining a particular standard as a result of Brexit related supply issues, you may be able to apply for a permission. Contact your Certification Officer for details  

Checklist for your business
We've compiled a simple checklist to help you prepare for Brexit
  • Make sure you have read the Government guidelines on preparing your food and drink business for a no deal Brexit.
  • Speak to your suppliers and find out what steps they have taken to reduce the impact on supplies and find out what ingredients are likely to be most affected.
  • If supplies are affected be prepared with alternative dishes or alterations to existing dishes to maintain your service but remaining within legislation for allergens and nutrition.
  • Keep an open dialogue with suppliers and be mindful that their business is also affected by a no deal Brexit. Everybody will have to work together to ensure services are maintained so show patience and compromise.
  • Keep and open dialogue with customers. Everyone is anticipating some level of disruption in a no deal scenario but as long as we continue to be open about these challenges we can expect most people to be understanding.

The EU Food Information For Consumers Regulation will remain in place after Brexit. 

This means that you must: 

  • provide allergen information to the consumer for both pre-packed and non-prepacked food or drink
  • handle and manage food allergens adequately
  • You also need to make sure that your staff are trained about allergens.
Find out more about your responsibilities regarding allergens

Menu Planning/Alterations
On the 11th September the Government’s ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ document was published, outlining the “Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions” in the event of a no deal Brexit. These assumptions include:

  • Certain types of fresh food supply will decrease leading to a reduced supply and availability of products
  • An increase in price
Find out more about how these assumptions may affect you and how to prepare

Useful links
Find out more from the UK government about how food and drink businesses should prepare for no deal Brexit:

Find suppliers familiar with public procurement settings

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The Brexit helpline is free to all UK cost sector caterers until 31st October, however Food for Life Served Here licensees and Food for Life Awards holders will be able to get their usual support direct from their Awards Officer after this date.

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