Find out how Food for Life Served Here can help your business grow

As the need to address the climate emergency in food service gathers momentum, reassure your customers that your business is responding head-on.

Our recognised accreditation guarantees your customers are served food that's good for the plate and even better for the planet.

Caterers that we work with:

  • Care for our earth's natural resources by reducing energy, water and waste
  • Generate fewer food miles and support the local economy by celebrating local and seasonal produce
  • Respect our environment by using ethical and environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Boost health and wellbeing by supporting customers to eat well

FFLSH's team of experts provide support, consultancy and training to food service providers, enabling you to become climate change pioneers through the food you serve. Caterers are encouraged to sign up to our two catering accreditations: Food for Life Served Here and Green Kitchen Standard. These accreditations are recognised nationally as best practice for sustainable and healthy food service - they show the world that caterers really do care and that your customers can be reassured about the environmental impact of what they're eating.

To find out more about how Food for Life Served Here can help your business grow, email the team today:

Food for Life Served Here

"The award helps us to retain business, and be awarded new business. Increasingly now, tenders will stipulate FFLSH – for at least 9 out of 10"Dennis Brewin (Head of catering, Havering)