Ensuring food becomes a vital part of the experience

Events caterers are using the Food for Life Served Here standards as a framework for better health and sustainability and as a means of showing their clients and customers that they really care about the food they serve. 

The independently inspected accreditation is a nationally recognised framework to bench-mark caterers and work out improvements, allowing for incremental changes, serving more fresh, honest and local food, working in partnership with ourselves, the UK’s leading charity working on food and farming issues.

For people visiting events that are Food For Life Served Here they are getting peace of mind about the food they are enjoying whilst enjoying the event.

  Tractor  Sustainability

  • Linking sustainability and food in a pioneering and meaningful way proving a commitment to ethical consumerism.
  • Reducing the overall environmental impact of your company by reducing impact of the food served on your plate
  • Championing local food producers and contributing to your local economy
  • See a social return on investment of over £3 for every £1 spent, mostly in the form of increased jobs and opportunities for local food producers

Thumbs Up  Business

  • Increase food sales by accrediting food provision 
  • Showcase more appetising, freshly prepared meals
  • Keep control of cost: Many caterers report that improving quality doesn’t necessarily increase costs. Making more food from scratch and buying from the Food for Life Served Here Supplier Scheme members can actually save money
  • Exceeding industry norms by distinguishing your organisation from other caterers
  • Connects organisational values to a clients personal values

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"Ethical and sustainable food is something that we take very seriously as a business, and we believe the award is a great way to ensure our staff and guests are served high quality food."Alan Briefel (Senior Adviser to Alistair Hugo from Environmental, Social and Governance Committee at Coller Capital)

"The Food for Life Served Here Award helps us explain to our members and supporters how, as a food business, we’re different."Matt Drew (Head of Food and Beverage, National Trust)