The certification fees are based on the cost of an annual inspection and a membership fee for each site covered by the award. The certification fees cover:

  • Support from a Food for Life Served Here Development Manager in your region, a Certification Officer based at our head office and the rest of the Food for Life Served Here team
  • Annual inspection from one of our expert independent inspectors
  • An invitation to our annual awards ceremony
  • Independent endorsement from Soil Association Certification that your meals are fresh, seasonal and better for animal welfare
  • Your organisation's membership of the UK's fastest growing best practice award for caterers
  • Use of the Food for Life Served Here logo and all relevant Soil Association Certification marketing materials and messaging

Download the fee information for your sector below:

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Early Years


Independent Schools

Further & Higher Education


Residential Care

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How are Food for Life Served Here Award fees decided?

The certification fees for the Food for Life Served Here Award are based on the amount of work it takes to carry out an inspection and to service the award throughout the year.

Do I have to pay my fee in one lump sum?

Not always, but most caterers do. However, fees can be paid in six monthly installments by way of a credit agreement from Premium Credit. Please note this involves an additional charge of 3.75% of the total value of the invoice and a credit check may be required.

How much do I pay if I want to add another site to my existing award?

If this doesn’t require an additional inspection - i.e. a new facility joins your contract - and they will receive the same menus as all other sites that are covered by your Food for Life Served Here licence, then we would simply charge an additional site fee depending on the total number of sites already in your contract. This can be done at any time. However, if you want to add a new site that doesn’t use the same menu or management controls as your existing sites then you may need an additional inspection. All inspections are charged at £825+VAT from 1st April 2020. Alternatively, you could wait until your annual inspection to include more sites in your award, as this would mean you wouldn’t need to pay for any additional inspections. Please give us a call to discuss adding new sites to your existing award. 

What is classed as a ‘site’?

A site is a cafe or restaurant. We used the term ‘sites’ where a caterer has a catering contract that's for more than one place.

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