Promoting wellbeing through food innovation in health care

Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) aims to encourage hospitals to serve fresh, healthy, tasty food which is suitable for the full diversity of patients, staff and visitors. We believe food should be cooked on site or prepared locally by a skilled kitchen team, using high quality, sustainable ingredients from suppliers who can add value to the local economy.

Food can be the highlight of the day for both patients and staff and we believe an emphasis should be placed on providing and promoting the very best healthy food, to aid patient recovery and sustain staff through long shifts.  All hospitals should be health promoting environments where food sits at the very centre.  They should model and promote food that benefits their communities in terms of health, ethics and sustainability.

Independent review of NHS hospital food 2020

We were proud to be asked to sit on the steering group of the independent review of NHS hospital food (Oct 2020). As part of its recommendations, the report suggests that NHS trusts consider acquiring a suitable accreditation such as the Food for Life Served Here (FFLSH) certification scheme. Find out more about the review and our involvement here.

Thumbs Up  What is FFLSH?

FFLSH recognises hospitals that have taken steps to serve meals cooked fresh with mainly unprocessed, high welfare and seasonal ingredients.

We reward hospitals that serve good food with a tiered bronze, silver or gold award, with an independent audit which shows they meet our high standards in patient, retail or for all catering.

Served Here coupled with our Green Kitchen Standard award gives confidence that menus are sustainable. This includes both the food on the plate and kitchen practice, focusing on energy, water and waste to meet a high standard.

Fresh, healthy and sustainable food should be at the heart of your hospital, work with us to show you are leading the way and to celebrate your achievements.

Tractor  Why work with us?

  • Promote your food credentials with a respected national award
  • Gain recognition for the steps you take to ensure the food you serve is of high quality and sustainably sourced
  • Show your commitment to and pride in the skills of your kitchen team by shining a light on their achievements
  • Increase sales in retail by offering a healthy but diverse menu backed up with external recognition
  • Show your value to your local community and economy
  • Meet government guidelines on health, nutrition and procurement
  • We ensure that 13 million NHS meals are served every year to robust food quality and sustainability standards

Cross Find out more 

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"Our Silver Food for Life Served Here award provides reassurance to patients that meals are of the highest quality and provenance."Simon Wood (North Bristol NHS Trust)

"Patient satisfaction jumped to 92% just two months after the new menus were introduced."Andreas Wingert (Circle Hinchingbrooke Hospital)