We spoke to Dennis Brewin, Havering's Head of Catering, about the importance of Food for Life Served Here and the impact of their work with us.

Why did you want to become a Food for Life Served Here award holder?

"FFLSH is widely recognised, not just by my peers in education catering, but business managers, head teachers, public health – its really important to them all. FFLSH sets a benchmark that has elevated food way beyond the school food standards. This raises the bar. Why? Because WE WANT to be able to give the children that we feed and everyone a sustainable, healthy meal that uses local produce and has been thought about nutritionally – all those benefits."

What does your FFLSH award mean to you? How have you used the award and what has changed in the last 10 years? 

"Personally, I am passionate about feeding children great food. FFLSH is a part of education catering make-up, the learning we have made with FFLSH supports us to get meal uptake higher. It’s Important that we do something to get FFLSH into the schools, when this means that children are having healthy and sustainable meals. It’s reassuring for parents to know what their children are going to get for lunch – speaking as a father, it’s very comforting and I feel very proud to say that I have been a part of promoting FFL everyday! Been part of a movement. We use the award to support educating parents where we can and for educating our own teams. The accreditation keeps us on the straight and narrow."

What have been your FFLSH highlights in the last 10 years? 

"Although I have had some senior management positions, it’s the first time I have been responsible for everything. A big part of that is FFLSH and our menus, I am really proud that what we do and where we go – I am responsible for my team – we have done so much. The team are amazing and continue to strive for innovative ideas whilst adhering to FFSH."

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"The award helps us to retain business, and be awarded new business. Increasingly now, tenders will stipulate FFLSH – for at least 9 out of 10"Dennis Brewin (Head of catering, Havering)

Food for Life Served Here

"FFLSH made everyone think about cooking from scratch using vibrant and sustainable ingredients delivered fresh into the kitchen."Dennis Brewin (Head of catering, Havering)