Residential Care

Improving quality of life through meal times.

Good food is important to residents and enriches their experience of care.

Food for Life Served Here is a robust framework and inspected award designed to help you make sure that your resident’s food is ethical, sustainable and fresh, free from nasty additives and transfats and meets nutritional guidelines. For residents, mealtimes give a sense of routine, an opportunity for social interaction and a sense of belonging.

 Heart  Why choose Food for Life Served Here?

  • Improve quality of care, providing the very best, safest food to residents setting care homes apart from the rest, improving the lives of residents.
  • Keep control of cost, many caterers report that improving quality doesn’t necessarily increase costs. Making more food from scratch and buying from Food for Life Served Here Supplier Scheme members can actually save money.
  • Opportunity to highlight the positive steps been taken around food, Food for Life Served Here is an independent endorsement of food quality, and a clear signal to residents and their relatives about caterer's commitment to serving them good food.

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"By changing the way we produce food, and having healthier choices both in the restaurant and in vending services, this will contribute to improving the health of the hospital community over time."Tracy Rawcliffe (General Manager, ISS Calderdale Royal)