Setting pupils up for the day with nutritious, home cooked meals

CarrotBy serving gold Food for Life Served Here accredited menus, schools are

  • Reassuring parents and students that meals are well sourced freshly cooked by expert chefs and healthy
  • Setting the school apart from it's competitors
  • Providing meals that support students to meet their highest learning potential
  • Leading the way in improving food culture
  • Protecting the environment for the future
  • Supporting the local economy   

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By opening kitchen's to the Food For Life's inspection team caterers verify their commitment to using honest, local, seasonal produce. This means that all meat served can be traced back to the farm and meets or exceeds UK animal welfare standards.

All eggs are free range. 

What’s more, all ingredients used in meals are free from additives, artificial trans fats and will never be genetically modified.

A minimum 75% of meals are prepared fresh by trained chefs. In addition, the award recognises that menus are inclusive of cultural needs and dietary requirements, so every students wishes are catered for.

Schools meeting the Served Here silver and gold standards will include organic ingredients on their menu, as well as take steps to make healthy eating the easy choice for students. 

We reward caterers for utilising suppliers from the local region and from the UK, supporting the local economy, in fact, studies have show a social return on investment of £3 for every £1 spent on Food for Life Served Here menus.

"Introducing Food for life has helped improve our school meal uptake and encouraged higher standards of food sourcing across the business - something we are all very proud of."Mark Davies (ISS Education)