Workplace Catering

Supporting healthy teams through food with sustainability credentials

Many workplaces ask their food and beverage provider to achieve the Food for Life Served Here as part of their contract, using the standards as a framework for:

  • better health,
  • sustainability and 
  • business. 

The accreditation is a shortcut to meeting:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and
  • health and wellbeing targets, 

by serving more fresh, honest and local food, working in partnership with ourselves, the UK’s leading charity working on food and farming issues. The accreditation is recommended by the mayor's London Food Strategy for workplaces, leisure sites and schools.

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  Tractor  Sustainability

  • Linking sustainability and food in a pioneering and meaningful way proving a commitment to ethical consumerism.
  • Reducing the overall environmental impact of your company by reducing impact of the food served on your plate
  • Championing local food producers and contributing to your local economy
  • See a social return on investment of over £3 for every £1 spent, mostly in the form of increased jobs and opportunities for local food producers

Heart  Health

Employers have a legal responsibility to support the health and wellbeing of their staff as part of their health and safety duties. This should be recognised as an opportunity for a business to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff and improve the performance of their organisation. Healthy employees drive a healthy business. Meeting the gold Food for Life Served Here Standards could mean:

  • Boosting staff wellbeing by serving more fresh food and making healthy eating easier
  • Reducing absenteeism – Employees who are in good health are less likely to need time off work
  • Increasing productivity – Employees who are in good health are likely to be more productive 
  • Reducing the risk of type II diabetes and chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and some cancers
  • Connecting organisational values to employees’ personal values

£60bn per year is the estimated cost of an unhealthy workforce to the UK taxpayer

"Sales in the Loft went up 13% [in September 2016] compared with September 2015"Steve Woodman (Compliance Project Manager, Harbour & Jones)