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Are you ready to start your sustainable catering journey with Food for Life Served Here?

Food for Life Served Here is our flagship catering certification that verifies the food on the plate to support caterers to demonstrate their commitment to climate, nature, and health, by focusing on food that is fresh, local and sustainable.  

We work with caterers across all sectors from schools to visitor attractions, individual businesses to vast public sector catering organisations. No matter what sector you’re in, who you cater for, or the size of your operation, Food for Life Served Here can help further your sustainability approaches, identify cost saving, and bring a refreshed vision into the kitchen, resulting in happy customers and staff, and building upon your reputation as a provider of quality food that protects the environment.  

Within the Food for Life Served Here awards we have three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and our Awards and Business Development teams are on hand to support all caterers every step of the way as you they progress through the awards.  

Along with our dedicated staff, being part of the larger Food for Life Served Here network also means that you have access to the expertise of the Food for Life Served Here team, as well as the wider Soil Assocation and all our various networks, partnerships and communities that we work within.  No-one is ever alone when part of a Food for Life journey.  

“The Soil Association [catering] accreditation ensures that both students and staff can have real confidence in the sustainability of UAL’s food. It is a way to “nudge and educate” customers to understand the importance of food, from field to fork.” 

Alastair Johns, Head of Retail and Catering, UAL (March 2023) 

Baxterstorey at UAL are a Food for Life Served Here Gold certification holder

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"We wanted to gain recognition for the fantastic food service we have and support local sustainability. Soil Association’s Food for Life Served Here had kudos!"Horder Healthcare (Head of Corporate Support Services)