Horder Healthcare

Horder Healthcare is an independent healthcare organisation and charity. They serve 300 sustainable and healthy meals per day under the Food for Life Served Here programme and are increasing demand for more local and ethical food.

When asked why they chose to join the programme, they said: “We wanted to gain recognition for the fantastic food service we have and support local sustainability. Soil Association’s Food for Life Served Here had kudos!” 

The Food for Life Served Here award has had an impact on people within the organisation. It has generated “lots of positive chatter and there will be even more when we celebrate with staff.” 

Horder Healthcare’s experience of the awards process 

They have found our catering portal to be a useful part of the process, and helped them gain the award - it allowed them to work at their own pace. Providing evidence was a challenge at first but it has helped them set standards that can be maintained. 

To meet Food for Life Served Here standards, they have had to change their suppliers. They changed butcher mid-way through their application to one close to the site in East Grinstead, which increased costs but was a more ethical supplier. The process has also encouraged one supplier to start work on gaining SALSA. 

Plans as a sustainable catering award holder 

Horder Healthcare would like to achieve their silver and gold awards and want to up their game further by bringing a new private patient menu. 

Offering a word of wisdom to other caterers, they said:  “Make sure your suppliers are fully on board and have the documentation before you start. Don’t try and upload more than 1 piece of evidence at a time – it doesn’t work!” 

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"We urge all concerned parents to ask whether their school has the Food for Life badge, as this is the only independent verification of school meal standards and ingredient quality."Rob Percival (Head of Food Policy, Soil Association)

Food for Life Catering Mark