Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project - Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you'll find lots of useful information below, but just get in touch if you need to know more by emailing ffl@foodforlife.org.uk or calling 0117 314 5180.

What if I am already a Food for Life school or nursery?
Great news, you’ll be able to benefit from the Kitchen Garden Project resources straight away for no extra cost. Simply log into your Food for Life portal and you’ll see an additional resource ‘tab’ at the top of the page which will take you to the place where you can search, view and download all the new resources. To get a taster, click here.

What if I’m already a member of the Kitchen Garden Project?
We’d absolutely love to welcome you to the Food for Life family! The Kitchen Garden Project team will be in touch over the coming weeks letting you know how to renew your membership or upgrade to an awards package through the Food for Life programme. If you’d like to do that straight away, just click here and complete our enrolment form - selecting the 'Membership' option.

How do I join the Food for Life programme?
You can join the programme at two different levels depending on whether you're just getting started or whether you'd like to get all the support you need to apply for and achieve a Food for Life award. You'll find out what that includes for schools here or early years settings here.

Can you tell me more about Food for Life?
Food for Life is an award programme that provides resources, support and guidance to help schools and nurseries provide freshly prepared, nutritious lunches, make lunchtimes a really positive part of the day and give children and parents the opportunity to learn how to cook, grow food and understand where their food comes from.

Through the programmes, settings can achieve awards that demonstrate their commitment to children’s health to the wider world. Schools can work to meet criteria at bronze, silver and gold levels while nurseries and children’s centres apply for a single tier award. You’ll find lots more information about early years programme here or the schools programme here.

Why can't I access resources through the Kitchen Garden Project website any longer?
The shared goal of the two programmes is to ensure that schools and nurseries have as much support as possible to help children grow healthily. Bringing The Kitchen Garden Project into the Food for Life programme was the simplest way to give you access to both programmes’ high quality resources all for the same price as your annual Kitchen Garden Project subscription. We hope you agree this is a good thing!

How do The Kitchen Garden Project and Food for Life resources work together?
Schools who work with both programmes have told us how well our resources work together when they are planning and delivering food education around cooking and growing. They also work side by side to create a greater depth of support which schools and nurseries can draw on to bring their food education to life, fit with wider curriculum planning and create a whole school approach to food.

Why can't find some of the resources that I used previously?
One of the pieces of feedback the Kitchen Garden Project received from schools was that they found the number of resources a little overwhelming! As such, we've worked to streamline them to give them more structure and make them easier to search and use together. We'll also refresh them at the start of September each year so you'll get completely new ones every twelve months. If you were previously a member of the Kitchen Garden Project and there's a favourite resource that you're missing, just drop us a line at ffl@foodforlife.org.uk and we'll do our best to help.

What are the similarities and differences between the two programmes?
Both programmes work to create real, sustainable change by providing resources that support children to develop the right skills and knowledge to keep themselves healthy - both now and in the future.

A Food for Life award further builds on that by encouraging schools and nurseries to take a whole setting approach to food – making sure that the lunches they serve are nutritious and freshly prepared, and that they are served in an environment that makes them enjoyable and that staff, children, parents and the wider community come together to create a better food culture. 

How involved is Jamie Oliver with Jamie's Kitchen Garden Project?
The Kitchen Garden Project is one of three core activities of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. While Jamie isn't able to be involved in the day-to-day running of The Kitchen Garden Project, he keeps up to date and is involved in the development of the programme. All of the recipes used in The Kitchen Garden Project are Jamie Oliver recipes and Jamie's food team has been involved in every step of their development. Jamie believes that good food education enables people everywhere to develop a better, more understanding and balanced relationship with food.  Teaching kids, and adults, about food sits at the heart of his core food beliefs as through education, they will become empowered to make responsible, healthy, sustainable food choices, for life.

How involved is Jamie Oliver with the Food for Life programme?
Jamie isn't involved directly with the Food for Life programme but he has always been very supportive of the work that we do.The fantastic work that our co-founder Jeanette Orrey was doing as catering manager in her own school in 2000 inspired him to tackle schools dinners up and down the country. And we've stayed in touch ever since!

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"We are delighted to hear that our two favourite food programmes will be working even more closely together. We have found the resources from both programmes a real help in inspiring our children to try out new food experiences."Fran Rickwood (Okehampton Primary School, Devon)

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