Food for Life Get Togethers will use the power of good food to connect people of all ages through growing, cooking and eating together.

Food for Life Get Togethers will be happening in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged and ethnically diverse areas, to tackle both unhealthy eating and loneliness in communities. Sadly, around 200,000 older people go over a month without chatting to a friend or family member and almost half of older people in care homes consider their depression ‘a normal part of ageing’. We want Get Togethers to become regular events in communities that help people across generations thrive through healthier meals and improved wellbeing. 

Food for Life Better Care have been harnessing the power of good food to reduce loneliness through inter-generational linking. Watch this short film below to see the benefits of our Better Care programme in Calderdale & Kirklees.

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2/5 of older people say that TV is their main source of company

"Almost 50% of UK kids never get outdoors with their families but at the same time, more than nine million people often or always feel lonely. Young and older people lack opportunities to bond."James Cashmore (Director of Food for Life)

Case studies

Read about how Food for Life Better Care has transformed the food landscape for older people. The Innovation Unit was commissioned by Food for Life to conduct in-depth research with people over 75 to build a richer understanding of the things that matter to them and their needs. 



Larry and Josie

Larry & Josie 
 Walt and Anne
Walt & Anne 

Mr Roberts

Mr Roberts