Upcoming Events

Get Togethers activities may look a little different at the moment, but there’s still lots you can do at virtually and while social distancing. 

World Food Day - sow, grow and cook!

Our next event is World Food Day, coming up on 16 October. Sign up now and get free seeds!

A World Food Day Get Together is a chance to share a freshly prepared meal, celebrate good food, and connect with people from different backgrounds. Get your community involved

More chances to get involved

You can be a part of Get Togethers any time of year. Be part of something bigger and get involved in Grandparent Gardening Week in Spring, or The Big Lunch in Autumn.

Or why not hold a Get Together on one of these themes:  

Celebration days

There are lots ways we can come together while social distancing. Registrations for Get Togethers activities are now open, but do make sure you follow the government guidance in your area whatever you decide to do. 

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The Big Lunch