What is Food for Life Get Togethers?

Food for Life Get Togethers aim to bring people of all ages together to cook, share food and grow.

So how do I sign up?

Simply register and we’ll give you loads of free resources to get you started.  And we’re here to help, so get in touch with us to speak to our friendly team if you have any more questions.

Why do we need Get Togethers?

We want to show people of all ages that if they get together every now and again, it might just start to change their lives for the better. We know that younger people are becoming more disconnected with where their food comes from. We also know that there aren’t many opportunities for older and younger people to bond. A Get Together is the chance to show different generations that we can all grow, cook and eat together.

What makes a Food for Life Get Together?

A Food for Life Get Together is any event, big or small. If generations have the chance to come together to grow, share food or cook, it’s a Get Together.

Why should I get involved?

Hosting a Get Together is the chance to make a real difference to people in your community, and to show people of all ages and backgrounds that we’re not that different.

More than nine million people often or always feel lonely. And at the same time, almost 50% of our kids never get outdoors with their families. Cooking, eating healthily and growing food together is something that we can all share, and we these activities are good for us, too.

Can I organise a Food for Life Get Together?

Yes! Anyone can – or at least, anyone who wants to use the power of good food to connect people of all ages through growing, cooking and eating together.

When can I hold a Food for Life Get Together?

You can organise and hold a Get Together whenever you want. To make a big splash, you could link your Get Together with Roast Dinner Day on Wednesday 13th November, Grandparent Gardening Week (March, Date TBC) The Big Lunch (June, Date TBC)

Can I share photos and videos of my Get Togethers?

Yes please! You can take lots of photos and videos and tweet them with #GetTogethers. Or just email them to us at ffl@foodforlife.org.uk. If you like, we could feature your Food for Life Get Together to help spread the word of what you’re doing in your community.

Can I still take part in Food for Life’s Grandparent Gardening Week and Roast Dinner Day?

Yes! So long as you’re bringing generations together to cook, grow or share food, then you’re holding a Food for Life Get Together – this can be under the banner of Grandparent Gardening Week or Roast Dinner Day. Register your event here.

How does Food for Life Get Togethers fit with Eden Project Communities, Big Lunch event?

Eden Project is a national partner of Food for Life Get Togethers. As part of their Eden Project Communities work, they hold an annual event each June called The Big Lunch which is all about bringing people together and making connections. 

Like Food for Life’s own annual events (Grandparent Gardening Week & Roast Dinner Day), The Big Lunch gives you the opportunity to bring together generations by hosting an event under the banner of The Big Lunch

Are Food for Life Get Togethers and The Great Get Together the same thing?

Food for Life Get Togethers and the Great Get Together are different programmes run by different organisations.

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