Food for Life Get Togethers

Food for Life Get Togethers uses good food to connect people of all ages through growing, cooking and eating together.

Around 200,000 older people go over a month without chatting to a friend or family member and almost half of older people in care homes consider their depression ‘a normal part of ageing’. 

Food for Life are tackling both unhealthy eating and loneliness through community-led cooking and growing projects. Rooted in partnerships with groups of schools, nurseries and organisations supporting older people, Get Togethers brings people of all ages and backgrounds together through food.

Get involved

We know that having the chance to get together, share a fresh, healthy meal and have a chat can change people’s day to day lives. Click here to find out more about hosting a Get Together and register for our first event - Roast Dinner Day.

See a Food for Life Get Together in action

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"Almost 50% of UK kids never get outdoors with their families but at the same time, more than nine million people often or always feel lonely. Young and older people lack opportunities to bond."James Cashmore (Director of Food for Life)

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