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Food for Life Get Togethers began life in 2017, when Food for Life received £1.25 million from the National Lottery Community Fund to launch a pioneering project using good food to reduce isolation and improve the nutrition and wellbeing of older people.

The Food for Life Better Care project worked directly with older people to develop programmes in three pilot areas across the UK. 

The programme gives older people in care settings, hospital and in their own homes more support to eat and enjoy good food. Building on our network of 10,000 schools the programme also creates links between the generations, through shared meals, cooking and food growing activities.

The project was piloted in Edinburgh, Calderdale & Kirklees and Leicester City & Leicestershire; working with Local Authority and NHS providers, care settings, local and national NGOs and volunteering organisations.  Programmes are co-designed with older people and tailored to meet the different needs for health and social care within each region but will contain common elements including:

  • Improving the food experience of residents in care settings
  • Offering older people in hospital a communal dining experience and food support after a hospital stay
  • Improving food support from home care visits
  • Improving shared meals provision for older people
  • Inviting older people into schools and young people into care homes to share food and growing and cooking activities
  • Supporting volunteers working with older people to develop food skills

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Find out more about what is happening as part of Better Care by watching the following films.



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2/5 of older people say that TV is their main source of company

Case studies

To ensure the Better Care project really has the potential to transform the food landscape for older people, the Innovation Unit was commissioned by Food for Life to conduct in-depth research with people over 75 to build a richer understanding of the things that matter to them and their needs. These case studies show why the Better Care project is needed.



Larry and Josie

Larry & Josie 
 Walt and Anne
Walt & Anne 

Mr Roberts

Mr Roberts