Are your children eating fresh, local and honest food at school?

Search our Food for Life map below and find out whether your child’s school meals are local, fresh and honest. 

After searching, click the pin that appears for your school to find out more about the Food for Life award held by your school.

  • If your child's schools holds the Food for Life Served Here award, you can be assured your kid is powered by food that is fresh, local and honest. Find out more about it here.
  • If your child's school is also part of our Food for Life School Awards Programme they will also be working hard to create a positive food culture across the school through cooking, growing and lots more. Find out more here.

Caterers, can’t see your schools? Don’t worry. 

If you believe that schools within one of your Food for Life Served Here awarded contracts are not displaying and should be, then please contact us. Please note that if your award is suspended for any reason, has been terminated or you have not provided accurate information then your schools will not appear on this map.

Food for Life Catering Mark

IfALLprimary schools in England were FFL schools, 1 million more children would eat 5 or more portions of fruit & vegetables per day.

75% of meals at Food for Life awarded schools are freshly prepared

All eggs on Food for Life menus come from free range hens