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Enrol for the Food for Life Early Years Award scheme

The Food for Life Early Years Award is designed to help early years providers give babies and young children the best possible nutritional support at a critical stage of their development.

Award criteria and guidance is centred around four main areas:

  • Food provision - this incorporates the Food for Life Catering Mark quality assurance scheme for food provision, which verifies compliance with the voluntary food and drink guidelines for early years
  • Food leadership
  • Food education
  • Community and partners

By joining up you'll receive lots of added benefits including:

  • An introduction pack full of useful information and resources
  • Access to the Early Years advice line
  • Access to training

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Confused by Catering?

Am I externally catered for?
Does your local authority or a private catering company manage your school kitchen or deliver hot meals to the school? Then your school is externally catered for.

Am I catered for in-house?
Does your school self-manage its catering service? Do you employ your own team, create your own menus, and manage the ordering process? If so you’re an in-house school.

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