How the PTA can help

With one in five children leaving primary school obese, one in four low-income families struggling to eat regularly and children going to school hungry, good, nutritious school food and informative food education has never been needed more. 

The PTA holds a unique position in school life and can play a powerful role in improving the health and well being of the pupils. But you don't have to go it alone - Food for Life can help.

A Food for Life Schools Award provides an easy to follow framework to support your school to provide healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and food education that has a positive impact on both pupils and the wider community.

Independent evaluation of our programme demonstrates our unique, whole school approach makes a positive contribution to pupil health and wellbeing with many schools reporting a clear impact on their Ofsted report in terms of pupils' personal development and wellbeing.

Click here to download your free PTA pack to find out more about how Food for Life could benefit your school.

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