TastEd and Food For Life

TastEd and Food For Life working in partnership to help bring the joy of fresh fruit and vegetables to the plate of every child.

Food for Life and TastEd go together like peas and mint, carrot and orange, sage and onion; so we’ve teamed up to bring sensory education to our schools and nurseries free of charge.

TastEd is a scheme of work that helps children explore the:

  • sounds
  • colours
  • textures
  • and shapes 

of veggies and fruit.

For nurseries through to year 6, every child can experience the joy of good, natural food. Sensory education was mentioned in the National Food Strategy plan as playing a significant role in helping children eat well.

Many of the Food for Life Award criteria can be achieved using TastEd activities, so we are adding a TastEd section to your portal library too.

TastEd is freely available to everyone, watch the TastEd teacher training video and then access resources here. 


TasteEd is freely available to everyone. You can hop straight to the TastEd website with this link, where you’ll find all you need to run a session.

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in Food for Life schools eat around a third more fruit and vegetables than pupils in comparison schools, and significantly more fruit and vegetables at home.