Visit a Farm

Have you ever asked a child where their food comes from? Their response is often "The supermarket!"

Getting children outdoors and letting them experience a real working farm will reconnect them with where food comes from, and will provide them with an enjoyable experience and lasting memories. Our aim is for all pupils to visit a farm during their time at school.

We’ve worked with many farms to help them prepare for educational school visits, so pupils can get the most out of their trip. Farmers are more than happy to talk about how a working farm functions and the different aspects of food production.

By building good links with your local farm, you may want to set up a regular programme of visits throughout the year and learn about the natural cycles from planting right through to harvesting.

Some of our schools have actually set up their own farmers markets in their school grounds, inviting in local farmers and other suppliers to sell their produce.  Again this is a great way to make those connections between local businesses and the community.

We’ve created a great farm finder which you can use to search for your nearest farm.  We’ve also put together a useful list of other organisations which can support schools in all aspects of building links with farms.

Organise a farm visit

We have collated and produced a set of resources that will guide you through the process of organising your farm visit. The documents cover everything from guidance on carrying out a pre-visit,  important health and safety information; to interesting activities and ideas for questions to ask the farmer!

Advice from the Health and Safety Executive on visits to farms  is contained within the Industry Code of Practice. It is essential that you read and take note of the information in these documents if you are involved in organising visits. The Code of Practice Summary provides a useful overview of some of  the health and safety issues to consider, whilst the Code of Practice Document provide the complete text. Whilst the summary and full document are aimed at farms/visitor attractions to advise on how to manage the risks on their site, it is important to read it to understand the potential risks, as well as reading the teachers’ supplement.

In addition, the Food for Life ‘Farm pre-visit proforma’ provides a template for schools to use, ensuring that all of the essential questions are asked when organising the visit and meeting with the farm.

"Following their farm visit, the pupils are producing separate projects for maths, geography and science which will be displayed in classrooms. "Will Clennell (Dereham Netherd High School - East Dereham)

Farm Finder

Find your nearest farm

We have created a great tool to help our schools connect with Food for Life Farm Links farms nearest to them.

Simply click on the link below and enter your postcode or place name. If you would like to search by the farm's name, just type in all or part of the name into the keyword box. Don’t forget to select how far from your location that you would like to search.

Click here to find your farm.

If you would like information about visiting a farm in Scotland, please click here.