Grandparent Gardening Week

Taking place from 1 - 5 April 2019, Grandparent Gardening Week aims to help schools and Early Years settings get support from the local community to kick start their gardens into action after the winter. 

Hosting gardening activities is a great way to reach out and engage grandparents, carers and local residents (including local allotment holders) in your school or nursery activities, and to get your garden in tip top condition along the way!


How to host a gardening activity

  1. Register for Grandparent Gardening Week and receive a whole host of downloadable resources to help plan your gardening activity. 
  2. Identify a time during the week (even after school) to host your Grandparent Gardening Week activity and send out invitations to the grandparents.
  3. Find out what crops everyone would like to grow, think about where you might plant them or how your cook could use them in their recipes, linking the crops with the kitchen and classroom learning.
  4. SHOUT OUT and tell everyone what you’re up to. Share ideas and plans across your school or nursery to involve everyone in the fun! Share your GGW planning and gardening activities on the @SAFoodforlife Twitter feed using #GrandparentGardeningWeek.

Did you know?

Hosting a Grandparent Gardening Week event could help you meet Food for Life Awards criteria

"Growing activity increased self-esteem and confidence, especially in pupils who didn’t flourish in other aspects of school life."Cree Report (2011, p.35)

Growing your way to your next award

Find out how holding a Grandparent Gardening Week activity can help you meet our Award criteria.


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