Health Select Committee publishes Childhood obesity follow-up

Today (Monday 27 March), the Health Select Committee has released their response to the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan, published in August last year.

Although the Committee welcomes the measures the Government has included in the Childhood Obesity Plan, they are ‘extremely disappointed’ that several key areas for were not been included  and are calling on Ministers to set clear targets for reducing overall levels of childhood obesity as well as goals for reducing widening levels of inequality.

Rob Percival, Senior Policy Officer at Food for Life commented: “The Government described its Obesity Plan as “the start of a conversation, rather than the final word.” The Health Select Committee has made a valuable contribution to that conversation today – the measures they recommend would support improved child health across the UK and should be taken seriously by policy makers. In particular, we support the Committee’s call for changes to planning legislation to make it easier for local authorities to limit the proliferation of unhealthy food outlets in their areas, and we welcome the call for further action to tackle discounting and price promotions on the sales of unhealthy food and drink. Government must now build on the positive momentum of the Obesity Plan and continue to work towards creating an environment where it is normal, easy and enjoyable for children and young people to eat well.”

Click here to read the report in full.