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Alfreton Park Community Special School achieve Silver Food for Life Award during Covid-19 crisis

The closure of schools across the UK has had an unprecedented impact on the way teachers are able to teach. We have heard some inspiring stories about innovative ways teachers are adapting to the new normal, and we are delighted that we can announce that Alfreton Park Community Special School in Derbyshire have achieved their Silver Food for Life Award!

Alfreton Park go above and beyond to equip their students with the skills they need for independent living. The school has found lots of interesting and exciting ways to complete their criteria and really impressed the Food for Life team when they shared their stories. They make their own garden equipment and sell it at the school, designing the labels and pricing things up themselves – which is such an innovative way of raising money for the school.

The students are given the opportunity to learn exactly where their food comes from as the school has strong links with a local farm and they are given the opportunity to help out with farm work.

The cooking plan at the school from EYFS up to KS5 is also a great example of how a school can incorporate cooking throughout the school years. Their lessons demonstrate clear skill progression through school and links in with a whole setting approach by linking to local butchers and farmers as well as using their garden grown produce!

Katie Turner, Teacher at Alfreton Park Community Special School said:

“Our school motto is ‘Learning together for personal success’. Food for Life allows us to work collaboratively with each other, local companies, schools, care homes and families to achieve independence, life skills, determination, confidence and above all success! Here at Alfreton Park we have a dedicated team of staff, who support our pupils to the best of their ability, who then can achieve their dreams. We allow opportunities for learning about horticultural, farming, cookery skills and much more. We would like to thank everyone who continues to support our school and love for learning!”

Angela Bebbington, Food for Life Local Programme Manager in Derbyshire said:

“Alfreton Park Community Special School are such an innovative and hard-working school who see no barriers to achievement. I am delighted that they have been presented with the silver Food for Life award, it’s a testament to their commitment to food education in school and the wider community.”

The Food for Life Team can’t wait to see what they get up to next. Find out more about the Food for Life Schools Award programme.