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Government blames Brexit for stalling childhood obesity measures

The drive to tackle childhood obesity has come to a standstill due to the Brexit backlog, say campaigners.

When ministers launched the revamped childhood obesity strategy, new measures were promised, including tougher standards on catering contracts for schools, clearer calorie labelling and a crackdown on junk food advertising. Yet none of these measures has been introduced. 

Rob Percival, Head of Policy, Food and Health, said, “The Government is starting to sound like a broken record on child obesity. We’re still waiting for the Healthy Schools Rating Scheme, promised three years ago. We’re still waiting for the School Food Standards to be updated. We’re still waiting for our political leaders to turn commitments into action. Brexit is no excuse for ongoing, trenchant inertia. Child health should be a far higher priority.”

Food for Life schools across the UK are already demonstrating best practice around school food, as well as offering wider food education opportunities for their pupils. If the Government is serious about ensuring that all children can enjoy healthy food every day then the long overdue Healthy Schools Rating Scheme must be introduced now.

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