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National Food Strategy prioritises healthy food for all

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National Food Strategy objectives were announced by the government today. This joined-up approach to food will build on the work underway in the Childhood Obesity Plan. It is intended to be an overarching strategy for the government to ensure that our food system is safe, healthy and affordable.

Rob Percival, Head of Policy, Food and Health, said, “It’s hugely welcome to see such ambitious Terms of Reference issued for the National Food Strategy. The Strategy provides a rare opportunity to ensure everyone, whoever and wherever they are, can afford and enjoy real, fresh and nutritious food. The Strategy must build on the Obesity Plan and ensure that child health and school food are a priority.

“There are policy decisions which obviously chime with the ambitions set out in the Terms of Reference. The School Fruit and Veg Scheme should be re-designed to include more local and organic produce. We know that children will eat more fruit and veg if the produce is fresher and more locally sourced, and there will be a lower level of waste.

“Schools should also be encouraged through the Strategy to adopt a ‘whole school approach’ to good food. Such an approach has been pioneered by Food for Life schools, with demonstrably positive impacts on eating behaviours and attainment. The introduction of a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme would be one way of encouraging schools to adopt such an approach.”

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