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The inaugural Peter Melchett Award

Children eating

At the Food for Life National Conference 2020 we announced the winner of the inaugural Peter Melchett Award.

Peter Melchett was one of the founders of Food for Life and played a key role in transforming the food that young people eat in schools, and on the high street in the UK. The Food for Life Served Here standards now ensure that 1.9 million meals are served daily that are environmentally friendly and locally sourced. Peter's impact means that children in over half of primary schools in the UK are eating higher standard school meals.

And the winner is... Blackawton Primary School - Totnes

Children at Blackawton are really engaged with food growing, cooking and sustainability at their schools. Their voices and opinions are heard through the school council and they are empowered to contribute to change. The school has shown real enterprise in creating a school environment that supports good food and an ‘active day’ for children.

Huge congratulations Blackawton Primary School, very well deserved.

Peter Melchett award winners at Food for Life conference

Schools across England who have done outstanding work with food were nominated for the award. Although the following shortlisted schools didn't win this year, the judges were really impressed with the work they had been doing with food:

Reay Primary School - London

Teachers at Reay Primary are passionate about Food for Life principals and are eager for the children to learn life and academic skills through food. The pupils are included in decision making around the culture of food and lunchtimes in the school, and are happy to talk confidently about the role of food in relation to climate change, poverty, and nature. The school is an excellent example of the whole school ethos of Food for Life.

Sandfield Close Primary School -Leicester

The sense of community in this diverse city school is immediate to see. The dining environment is excellent – with lunches feeling organised but unhurried and sociable. There was excellent evidence of community engagement in food issues at the school, notably through the (now legendary) grandmothers’ group providing support to pupils around cooking and eating. This school is an excellent example of what can be achieved through a strong school community, despite some challenges.

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