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We're calling on the Government to #SaveOurStandards

Food for Life’s mission is to ensure good honest food, that’s good for people and good for the planet, is served to people of all ages and backgrounds, everywhere. Which is why we have joined BiteBack2030 in their latest campaign, fronted by our old allies Jamie Oliver & Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and a host of other chefs, food writers and farmers. We are concerned that food standards could plummet if trade deals allow unregulated imports, making our job a whole lot harder. Especially if the unregulated imports aren’t even labelled.

The Food for Life logo, whether on a school, nursery or caterer’s menu means that all the ingredients in their meals are of a high welfare standard. Our minimum requirements include Red Tractor meat, MSC sustainably certified fish, and certified free-range eggs. Cutting corners to save money on production is a fast-track to more novel viruses, more climate change, more carcinogens in our food, more appalling conditions for animals. In short, it goes against everything Food for Life stands for.

We’d urge you join the campaign to #SaveOurStandards and protect child health. You can find out more and email your MP here.