Turkey Twizzlers could be back on school menus after no-deal Brexit

School dinners

New advice from the Government has been issued to schools warning that the cooks would have "to adapt menus to allow for product substitution" if Britain leaves without a deal on 31st October.

The guidance - "Advice for schools on how to prepare for Brexit" - noted that "schools have significant flexibilities within the school food standards."

It said: "We advise that you contact your food supplier(s) if your school procures food directly (or your local authority or academy trust, if they arrange food on the school’s behalf) to ensure they are planning for potential impacts of a no deal scenario." 

Hattie Shepherd, Food for Life Policy Officer, states:

“The Government is gambling with our children’s health by considering “No-Deal” as a viable solution to Brexit. It’s all very well saying that the School Food Standards must be adhered to, even in the event of food shortages and price rises, but with no additional funding available and no mechanism in place for monitoring compliance with standards these are just empty words.”

“If the new Prime Minister intends to pursue a “No-Deal” then the Government must put meaningful contingency plans in place. A senior individual within Government should be made responsible for planning and responding in the event of major disruption food supplies, and for ensuring there are no negative impacts on the health of vulnerable groups in public settings, particularly schools.”

Read the guidance in full here